Buy Domains At Auction My Nightmare

So as you guys know I bought 6 domains at a few auctions with no knowledge whatsoever.  That is right for this summer class project here at Clemson.  I purchased these domains to get a head start on the “use of other peoples old used stuff” project.  I picked ” used ”  domains.  Now let me explain the nightmare I have gone through.

Well first off you I learned you get what you pay for.  I really mean that.  i bought these for 30 bucks.  You may think oh that great an aged domain to do your reviews project at school this summer.  Not so fast.  It turns out 3 of these sites had penalties on them.  i called Google and they told me to submit a request to have a reconsideration run..Well I did even have webmaster tools set up for these domains.  So I took the ones that had the issues and set up a webmaster tools.  The person at Google was EXTREMELY HELPFUL..  Extremely!!!

She sounded mad cute too.  So Holly at Google if you are out there I have called that number 8 times trying to get you again but whatever I digress.  I thought if I did 9 it may be considered stalking LOL.

So I set that up and then filled out the reconsideration request.  One domain was approved so professor Dean will be able to see those for the class.  If this one comes back hope we can see this post always.  If not you guys have the direct URL so we can still upload post it but just know that it will not display on Google until whatever the past owner did to this thing.

I will keep you guys posted!


Jeff Thomas

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